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Met with Director General ADV Thabo Mokoena from South Africa Mineral Resource

At this time in the Tianjin mining Expo on 23rd Sep 2017, we met with Director General ADV Thabo Mokoena from South Africa Mineral Resource,Executive Director Donald T.James from Canada Natural Resources, chiefgeologist A.P.Dokowe from Republic Of Zambia Ministry Of Mines & MineralsDevelopment Geological Survey Department, Mexico Secretariat Of EconomicDevelopment Ing.Jose Luis Aguilar Perez Undersecretary Of mines and Energy andthe Mining companies from Peru etc..., Most of them came from representativesof government officials from all over the country, we talked depth with verysatisfied with each other opinions and suggestions, mainly on how faster,Better and more convenient development of enterprises to obtain better investmentand other issues. For example, we have done very successful for our warehousein South Africa, it provides customers with a very convenient service to reducecustomers's delivery time, stocks fee etc... We are trying to expand ourbusiness to other countries, and will copy the model of overseas warehouses inSouth Africa to other countries, such as Peru, Chile, Mexico, Australia,Russia, etc.. If conditions is at the time, we will build our plant on theirside of the mine and can be supplied directly to them. This is our futuremodel. We also welcome companies from different countries to set up an overseaswarehouse in China to facilitate the sale of their products.